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Weekly Television Message  

CD          $7.00


DVD      $15.00 



BO1          Why Satan wants to steal God's Word from you  $4.00

BO2          Taking the Shield of Faith  $5.00

BO3          How to take charge of your Future  $7.00

BO4          What to do when your Faith is on Trial  $11.00 

BO5          How to put on the Whole Armor of God  $8.00

BO6          The Transformed Man  $3.50

BO7          The Power to Prosper  $2.50

BO8          Life is your Choice  $3.00


Single CD  $7.00

CAM101    Living a Fruitful Life


CAM102    6 Things to Remember about God Throughout the Year


CAM103    The Importance of the Word


CAM104    The Strength of God


CAM105    Keeping yourself from the Wicked One


CAM106    What to do when your faith is challenged?


CAM107    Angels – They are waiting for your words


CAM108    The Rewards of walking in Holiness


CAM109    Being led by your spirit


CAM110    Recognize that you are Anointed


CAM111    The lost art of Confession


CAM112    How to resist the Devil 


CAM113    Resting in the Lord 


CAM114    The Law of Seedtime and Harvest 


CAM115    Faith and What you Hear 


CAM116    Healing – Hear, Choose and be Healed 


CAM117    4 Ways of Increasing in the Favor of God



Two CD Series  $14.00

CAM201    Prosperity 101 


CAM202    The Importance of Hearing


CAM203    Guarding your Heart 


CAM204    The Law of Faith 


CAM205    The Shield of Faith - How to use it? 


CAM206    The Renewing of the Mind 


CAM207    The Basics of Faith 


CAM209    How the God Kind of Faith Works 


CAM210    How to Release the Faith of God 


CAM211    Effective Praying


CAM213    Framing your World



Three CD Series  $21.00

CAM301    The God Kind of Faith


CAM302    God is a Rewarder


CAM303    Enjoying the Abundant Life 


CAM304    Faithful and Faithfulness


CAM305    Angel Power 


CAM306    The Laws of Prosperity


CAM307    Laying hold onto the Blessings of God 


CAM308    The Promise of being led by the Spirit and Delivered 

                    from Destruction 


CAM309    Financial Conference 


CAM310    Walking in Supernatural Protection


CAM311    Life is your Choice 


CAM312    Entering into your Wealthy Place 


CAM313    Honoring the Lord with the Tithes


CAM314    Seedtime and Harvest 


CAM315    What to do when your faith is put on trial?     


CAM316    Receiving your Desires 



Four CD Series  $28.00

CAM401    Goodness and Mercy 


CAM402    The Power of your Praise and Thanksgiving    


CAM403    4 Things to do in Order to Make Any Promise Come to Pass

                     in your Life


CAM404    How to deal with the Devil and your Circumstances 


CAM405    Walking in the Strength of God 


CAM406    How to develop an unshaken confidence in God


CAM407    3 Big Hindrances to Receiving your Healing 


CAM408    Being establish in God’s Word 


CAM409    The Master Plan of God for your Life   


CAM410    Who you are in Christ  


CAM411    Walking in the fear of the Lord   


Five CD Series  $35.00

CAM501    Prosperity – Your Covenant Rights 


CAM502    How to Reverse any Sickness or Disease in your Life


Six CD Series  $42.00

CAM601    The Authority of the Believer


CAM602    The Anointing for Daily Living   


CAM603     Living the Good Life


Seven CD Series  $49.00

CAM701    Growing Up Spiritually 




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